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Who we Are

Tanzania Association of Professional BDS Providers is an organization registered in Dar es Salaam under the Company Act, 2002 as a company limited by guarantee with registration number 81852.

The company is formed by the group of motivated youth who originated from the program called Kazi Nje Nje implemented by the International Labor Organization, through the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Read More

Why should you trust us?

I.Our People

TAPBDS has experts who are middle aged (youth) who are energetic, motivated and passionate to offer quality business support services to individuals, groups, institutions and corporate. They have a wider exposure of Tanzania and East Africa especially on SMEs sector and BDS. Read More

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Our resource persons

TAPBDS has 30 Business Development Services experts who are spread all over Tanzania. These experts are competent in Marketing, Accounting/Finance, Business management, Information Technology, Procurement/Logistics and Social Science skills who are all qualified Professional BDS Providers.
The experts are conversant in delivering the services using the following stipulated standards:

    • Flexibility in the design and use of various materials based training programs such as use of SIYB Program which is a material based training program developed by International Labor Organization (ILO) for enterprises.
    • Use of a user friendly and understandable language well known to the clients/trainees (English/Swahili).
    • Conduct tracer studies. Make linkages to businesses related institutions such as banks and cooperatives. Being able to work and cover wide area with cultural diversity and environmental challenges.

These therefore make our experts to have three compatible and unique qualifications for being Consultants, Trainers and Mentors

What we Do

“We don’t plan for you. We practically take you through a process of mastering your business planning and management.”

We love Our Partners & Sponsors

WE SAY:  Thanks to whoever has been part of our existence as a group of Qualified Business Development Services Providers and our special thanks is particularly to The Director of International Labour Organization-Tanzania, The Minister of Labour and Employment, The Country Coordinator of Youth Entrepreneurship Facility, Representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Trainers and everybody who has contributed in making us who we are now.

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